12 Distinct Gifts for the Cannabis Connoisseur

Bluntness Team

You carved the turkey.

You scoped out the best Black Friday deals.

You even managed to chat with your conservative uncle-in-law about CBD, EVALI and why it seems like laws allowing recreational marijuana use are sweeping the nation.

That means it’s time for the real holiday shopping season to begin -- and that means finding unique gifts for the cannabis connoisseurs in your life. But you don’t have to go it alone. 

Our team combed through hundreds of brands, products and sites to find some of the most unique and noteworthy cannabis and marijuana-related gifts for the The Bluntness’ 2019 Holiday Gift Guide.

But first … coffee

1. Somatik THC Infused Cold Brew Coffee - Price varies

Somatik’s THC Cold Brew Coffee is unlike any other edible concoction out there. The hybrid of THC and caffeine aims to provide a “lifted sativa feeling” without the high -- relaxing the body while keeping the mind clear.

It’s also one of the fastest-acting edibles, with effects typically kicking in within 20 minutes. (Gift them once, and we bet your coffee-crazed colleague will be swapping these for their Starbucks runs a few times a week).

For the dabber

2. The Puffco Peak - $299


Now this is the perfect gift for your stoner friend that LOVES dabbing and will never shut up about it. Why? Because this dabber is revolutionary! You can literally take it anywhere -- from the park, to the beach, to the peak of a local mountain hike.

The best part? It was engineered not to spill, so there’s no need for your dab-lover to worry about emptying and refilling while on the go. (Try and find a dabber on the market that lets you travel with the water still in it. We’ll wait …)

Give some holiday healing

3. Anxiety Support Tincture from Homestead Apothecary - $30

Anxiety Support Tincture from Homestead Apothecary

This tincture really does fight anxiety and it’s a favorite of the West Coast. Specially formulated with ingredients to make you feel relieved, chill, and well, not so stressed this holiday season, Homestead Apothecary has made the ultimate anti-anxiety cure. 

They’ve included herbs like blue vervain for detoxification and chamomile to soothe your body. And, there’s lemon balm to lift your mood. We’re getting a bottle for ourselves, and everyone else on our list.

4. Extra Strength Relieving CBD Body Spray by Apothecanna - $38

This healing spray can relieve lingering aches and it can soothe sore joints. Made with natural ingredients like peppermint and juniper, it won’t get you high. In fact, this gentle relief spray is a non-psychoactive hemp product that contains less than .03 percent of THC. Spray on affected areas for soothing, lasting relief.

More for the foodies

5. The LEVO II - $349


It’s pricey but worth it, since we’re sure that the LEVO II infuser will be your favorite cannachef or cannabaker’s best friend. And that means more edible goodies for you!

With multiple settings, this infuser lets culinary masters dry and prep all kinds of herbs (not just cannabis) in advance, with the ability to monitor the extraction process from afar with a dedicated app. (That means they can infuse oils and butters when they aren’t even home -- and still not stink up the house).

6. The Gift of Joy: Positivi-tea from Kikoko - $17

This 4-pack of tea pouches comes in a reusable gift tin. With 10 mgs of TCH and 5 migs of CBD in each pouch, this brew is designed “banish grumpiness” and inspire joy -- the perfect present for your tea-lover who wants a bit of herbal mood enhancement over the holidays.

For that friend with a green thumb

7. Complete Pot Grow Kit from a Pot for Pot - $80

Complete Pot Grow Kit from a Pot for Pot

This home-grow kit is perfect for first-time growers and seasoned horticulturists alike. The 2-gallon kit makes it easy to grow a single cannabis plant on a windowsill, or in a compact outdoor space like an apartment patio or fire escape. From a watering can and soil, to trimming scissors and light-magnifying lenses that can be powered by a smartphone, the kit literally includes every. single. thing. they’ll need to ensure a healthy harvest.

Roll your own at home

8. Automatic Grinder OTTO from Banana Brothers - $129

Banana Brothers’ automatic cone filler is the perfect gift for the poised, precise stoner in your life that likes the convenience of pre-rolls -- but not the upcharge in price.

No worries, this sleek machine is designed to make the perfect joint every time. It grinds and fills a single use cone with the touch of a button, chewing through nugs to create a uniformly-packed joint (complete with a filter).

Vaping with intention (and style)

9. The HANU STONE from Hanu - $79

Hanu stone

The first of Hanu’s delivery system solutions, the HANU STONE is a beautiful, intuitive and discreet, pod-based portable vaporizer system. The Hanu Stone blends technology with elegant, human-centered design and a curated selection of premium concentrates for a sublime experiences.

It’s an easy to use vaporizer that fits seamlessly (and stylishly) into everyday life. The perfect gift for the most elegant and stylish stoner you know.

Fun (and practical)

10. Christmas Tree Bong from DankStop - $75

Christmas Tree Bong from DankStop

Nothing says “Happy Holidays” like a toke from a Christmas-tree shaped bong. Light up your This lovely clear glass bong comes with a 14mm male bowl and is made from thick, tough glass. And, this lil cute Christmas tree bong comes with a splash guard to prevent getting doused in any nasty bong water. A true holiday miracle!

11. Naked Glass Cleaner from KLEAR-KINE - $35

Need to clean your glassware? Yeah, we thought so.

KLEAR NINE makes one of the best bong cleaners on the market. Not only is this solution eco-friendly, but it comes free of any harsh chemicals and are tested and designed to be 420 friendly. This cleaner can get the nooks and crannies of all of your cannabis gear: Pyrex, glass, metal dab tools & grinders, silicone and ceramic. Start the new year off right and make sure all your pieces are sparkling clean!

Embrace Flower Power

12. Happy Hybrid Pre-Rolls from Lowell Herb Co - $60

Pre-Rolls from Lowell Herb Co
Lowell Happy Hybrid Pre-Rolls

Nothing says I love you like the most perfect pre-rolled joint, and Lowell’s never disappoints. These perfect cylinder smokes are carefully curated blends of the best flower, reverentially packaged in natural materials with that classic Lowell vibe. Try the Happy Hybrid -- a delightful blend crafted to produce an elated and euphoric experience.