3 Cannabis Influencers Offering 420-Friendly Activities



West Coast Cannabis tours is a San Diego-based tour agency dedicated to helping people curate the perfect 420 vacation.

Why we love them: West Coast Cannabis tours makes an effort to curate a variety of activities for all different interests and personality types. Want to be active? Why not try cannabis-friendly yoga? More the quiet painting type? How about a little THC with your painting class? Whatever you’re after, West Coast Cannabis tours has an offering. Follow them here.


Based in Las Vegas, @KruleKanvas combines art and cannabis.

Why we love them: Krule Kanvas is dedicated to the things they love most: cannabis, painting and the horror genre. Krule holds cannabis painting classes, which sometimes come with raffle giveaways, vegan sweets and music. Sounds like a blast to us! Follow them here.


@greengodwellness out of Los Angeles is dedicated to advocating for plant wellness and yoga.

Why we love them: Green God's Wellness is all about cultivating community spirit and self-love. Cannabis is treated as a sacred plant at healing ceremonies. @greengodwellness is also spreading the good vibes virtually with online sessions. Follow this up-and-coming, game-changing cannabis company here.