4 Booming Family-Run Cannabis Businesses

Bluntness Team

Marijuana has been one of the fastest-growing drug businesses in the United States. Since 2018, almost all states have finally made the illegal drug legal. This is because doctors have researched that it can help decrease depression, weight loss, regulate and prevent diabetes, fight cancer and more. Now that the drug has finally been accepted by the law, because of its potential amazing benefits, this makes it a great business opportunity for families. There are many cannabis businesses available for people now, even family-owned businesses that people can visit to purchase legal weed:

The Canna MDs
This company is a family-owned weed business, and they use it as therapy medicine for their patients. The owners are Dr. Rachel Knox and Dr. Jessica Knox, and they believe that the drug can heal and restore their patients health and spirit. The difference between this family-owned business from other weed businesses, is that they do not use it for adult entertainment. They're using it as a healing medicine for their patience, and specialize in using it for only medicine. What also makes their company different from other weed businesses is that it is owned by African-Americans, and only a small percent of weed businesses are owned by black people.

Panacea Valley Gardens
Panacea Valley Gardens or PVG, is a family-owned weed farm located in Portland, Oregon. TVG is a weed farm company that carefully selects and breeds there plants. The weed farmers at Panacea Valley Garden are specialist, and care about growing the drug organically and naturally. What makes PVG different from other weed companies, is that they grow their plants with energy efficiency and environmental care. It is a family company that believes in growing their farm, while being cautious and caring of the planet's health by not polluting it.

The Hollingsworth Cannabis Company
THC is a weed farming company that is family-operated and located in western Washington. THC has been featured on interviews with CNN, The Seattle Times, grungecake, Buzzfeed and more. It is a company also values the use of solar energy and sustainability for the planet. THC is special in their own way, because they also sell their own t-shirts, jackets and hats available for customers interested in sporting weed inspired clothing.

Medicine Man Denver
Family owned and operated, Medicine Man Denver is the Denver's largest marijuana dispensary. In MD sells weed for adult entertainment and medical purposes for their customers. Medicine Man Denver also has a large variety section of products like drinks, cookies and Edibles that consists of weed. They also accept debit card at all locations now, if paying with cash is not your forte. What separates this dispensary from other week companies is they offer to customers a customer rewards program. You can get up to 50% of all smoking accessories, and save money while you enjoy your weed!

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