4 Entrepreneurs Taking Over California Cannabis

Bluntness Team

The entrepreneurial opportunities that come with growing cannabis are growing in today's economy. The market of cannabis has been one of the fastest growing trends since cannabis has become legal in parts of the county. There are a few entrepreneurs that have taken note of this trend and made their name known in California. To see more about the top 4 best cannabis entrepreneurs in California, and what they stand for, continue reading to gain inspiration for the growing popularity of the cannabis successes.

Mike Ray With Bloom Farms

Mike has owned and operated Bloom Farms since 2014 where he presented the community with a unique and quality driven company surrounding the cannabis industry. He wanted to change the way cannabis was perceived, and over the years has become an inspiration and a success with his style and perspective. His company core structure stands for relaxation, relief, and enjoyment with as little stress as possible. The company takes vaping to a new level by introducing the Highlighter Cannabis Vapor Pen. The product allows individuals to receive naturally extracted cannabis oil that flows through vaping pens, to give consumers a simplistic way to use cannabis. The company is located in San Francisco, California, and holds almost two hundred employees. In addition, the company, which was driven with pure inspiration to continue to build over the years, making it one of the top rated companies in California that hold a key to success in the entrepreneur world. To learn more about the company, look at Mike's LinkedIn profile and website to see more about who he is and what his plans are for the future.

Amber E. Senter With Leisure Life

One of the most renown women that have made waves in the entrepreneur world, is Amber Senter. She has been a role model for thousands of individuals in the cannabis industry as well as personal leadership. Because she was one of the first successes as a woman entrepreneur with cannabis, she continues to turn heads with her business ethics. All through the years, she has been in business, she continues to get awards for her achievements, making her more recognized as an elite entrepreneur. In addition to her rising success with Leisure Life, she also is recognized for being a woman of color that is highly influential in the cannabis world. Because of her continued support and business goals, she has become one of the top four best cannabis entrepreneurs of society. To see more about her and what she stands for, visit her Twitter and follower her to get more motivation and understanding of what true success looks like.

Steve DeAngelo With Harborside

Steve DeAngelo is by far one of the most loved entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry. With a complete understanding and passion that he brings to the cannabis world, he is formally recognized as "The Father Of Cannabis", and what a success that is as an entrepreneur. His passion was driven from an industry that was not aware of the cannabis benefits, and because of his mindset and motivational plan, he became of the top-rated successes in the cannabis world. It is because of people like him, is hope cannabis made its name known for the healing benefits it can provide individuals all over the world. Steve's business Harborside has broken through the chains and becomes one of the best on the market. To see more about Steve, and his renown ratings and successes, look at his website to see how much of a difference one entrepreneur can make with a purpose and a positive plan.

Troy Dayton With Arcview Group

Troy Dayton introduces Arcview Group to the masses through a political viewpoint. Cannabis was not formally recognized and understood until Troy expressed his perspective with the world. His company takes on challenges every day to change the views of the world with his political thoughts and ideas with his company. He believes in responsibility and respect, and in turn, has become a world renown cannabis entrepreneur that many follow as pure inspiration. His company is currently working and new and innovative ways to incorporate the positives of cannabis to the market, therefore, to see what he is all about and what his future plans are, visit his website.

Photo via Bloom Farms