4 Women Dominating Cannabis in San Francisco Bay Area

Bluntness Team

Since California legalized cannabis in 2016, the marijuana industry in the US state is worth nearly $3 billion and dominated by men. By 2020, New Frontier and ArcView Market Research forecasts the value of the national industry will reach $21 billion. While there are few women working as leaders and entrepreneurs in cannabis companies, female advocates and organizations are on a mission of recruitment. In America, five cannabis women are making a difference by producing quality products for medical use and recreation use, and providing services.

Maya Elisabeth is founder of Om Edibles, a cannabis company offering food and pain relieving oils and balms products. She is co-founder of Whoopi & Maya, a provider of herbal medical cannabis products for elevating pain from menstrual cramps. Maya is a speaker and appears on panels to discuss the policies and regulations for medical marijuana. She found Om Edibles in 2008 and works all women who help her run the business. Since the partnership with Whoopi & Maya, the brand experienced rapid growth in San Francisco and other areas in the US with products reaching over 300 dispensaries.

Emily Paxhia is co-founder and Director of Relations of Poseidon Asset Management, a hedge fund managing company. She focuses on investments in the cannabis industry and develops investment deals, transactions, and structures. The firm manages over 25 holdings in companies including AgTech, Industrial Hemp, and Genetics & Lab Testing to name a few. Paxhia and her partner found Poseidon in 2013, in San Francisco, CA.

Danielle Schumacher co-founded THC Staffing Group, a recruitment and employment firm for hiring employees in the cannabis industry. She has over 30 years of expertise as a consultant and activist for the legal movement of cannabis in the United States. Schumacher and her recruitment team place talents in employment positions for marijuana companies including advocacy organizations, dispensaries, and cultivation centers.

Salwa Ibrahim serves as Executive Director, Co-Partner, and Co-founder of Blum, in Oakland. The company markets edibles, tinctures, topical, per-roll, flower, and concentrates marijuana products. Ibrahim is a chief strategist and spokesperson in her community as an advocate.

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