5 Amazing Women Executives in Cannabis

Bluntness Team

1. Jeanette VanderMarel
Co-CEO 48North
After her daughter passed in 2003 from Dravet Syndrome, Jeanette became passionate and inspired about the research of medical cannabis and epilepsy. To get things rolling on research, she started her own company in 2013 called The Green Organic Dutchman. Now, after leaving that company and starting another called Good and Green, she has plans to merge with a company called 48North. The combined goal and effort of the two companies is to shed light on the women in the cannabis industry. They are focused on profitability and female markets, a market not many looks at.

2. Diana Roberts Coats
Director of Plant Science, JBE Industries
Although still relatively new to the cannabis industry, only having been involved for a little over a year, she brings with her a vast depth of knowledge and experience of plants that is vital to this industry. She aims to bring pharmaceutical quality cannabis to the market while still remaining a small farm and not Big Pharma type.

3. Brianna Kilcullen
Founder and CEO, We the People
Ms. Kilcullen made her reputation in the textile industry before coming to the cannabis industry. She’s best known for her work at Under Armor and Prada. Now though, she has branched out on her own to start a company that uses only hemp to make their products.

4. Maria Belen Algorta
Agronomist and Uruguay representative, Ecofibre Limited
Best known for kick-starting the hemp industry in Uruguay and working with the company Ecofibre. Ms. Algorta is doing research to establish a seed bank of strains that grow well in the Uruguayan climate. A lot all depends on the progression of hemp regulations in Uruguay.

5. Sara Gullickson
CEO, Item 9 Labs Corp.
Ms. Gullickson went from running her own cannabis consulting company in Scottsdale, Arizona to being the CEO of the plant-touching company Item 9 Labs. She plans on expanding her company’s markets to over 8 other states by the end of 2019. She follows the philosophy that slow and steady wins the race and too many times has she seen people fail thinking that this is a get rich quick industry.

Photo via 48nrth