5 Best Women-Focused Cannabis Events

Bluntness Team

There are a variety of different weed events across the United States and Canada on a regular basis, duh. However, very few of them focus on women. While many events and conferences now feature plenty of weedy women, here a few of the best events for women, by women.

Neon Safari

Ladies of Paradise hosts events focused on the networking and cultivating the women in weed community aspects of these events. Their amazing Neon Safari event boasts of 15 minute CBD massages from a professionals and a whole lot more. Ladies of Paradise also feature a variety of other events throughout the year, so there are plenty of opportunities to meet up with the team and network with a variety of other people in the industry.

Cannabis Feminist

Events held by Cannabis Feminist are hosted every month or so, and focus on bringing a variety of weed topics and women's related issues to women around the country. The events are normally educational in nature; aside from the topic of women's issues, the group also focuses on a variety of mental health issues and how certain types of weed and related products can help. The group's motto is 'the future is female,' which couldn't be more apt in the weed business.

Women Grow's Signature Networking Events

This is something that almost every woman in the weed industry needs to be a part of at some point or another. The events take place on a regular basis across the country, and with the experience that Women Grow has developed over the years, all of the women-focused cannabis events are crowd pleasers. The Signature Networking Events focus on developing relationships between women in the weed industry while also providing educational topics to discuss throughout the entire event. It's weed networking gold.

Sip, Savour & Sesh

Founded in July of 2018, this weedy-drink event has become somewhat of a regular occurrence for women who prefer drinking their weed products. The event normally includes a variety of weed-infused drinks and edibles; it also lets many women in the Vancouver area network and socialize with other women in the industry on a regular basis. And, thanks to Sip, Savour & Sesh, Vancouver's got a growing pot scene.

Women's Wellness Event

Set to be held at the Ellementa Women's Wellness Gathering, this event focuses on women's wellness and just how weed can be a significant factor in women's health. The majority of the event is set to be educational in nature. Throughout the event, a variety of questions are set to be explored; chief among these are the likes of what products can help certain issues, whether or not weed is compatible with the female body and more. Basically -- everything women need to know about their bodies and weed.

Photo via Cannabis Feminist