5 Most Lucrative Cannabis Stocks to Invest In

Bluntness Team

The cannabis industry is seeing some major growth trending with the legalization movement. With legalization in Canada, and spreading throughout the United States, many of these cannabis companies have decided to go public. Making it viable to invest in specific brands, and the cannabis industry as a whole.

1. Horizons Marijuana Life Sciences Index ETF

Horizons Marijuana Life Sciences Index ETF is a great place to potentially start any investing into the cannabis industry. Horizons is an Index ETF, meaning that this company holds stakes in many cannabis companies. While you are investing in the overall portfolio. This option is good because it provides lot's of diversity in the cannabis industry. Horizons ETF currently owns 28 different stocks. If you want to make cannabis investments but don't know what companies to specifically invest in, this is a good option.

2. Acreage Holdings

This marijuana business was most recently in the news for their rejected super bowl commercial. Acreage Holdingsis one of the more popular cannabis investments on the stock market. As recently as the fourth quarter Acreage Holdings reported $10.5 million in revenue, which is up 380% from last year. As well as they are continuing to grow, and buying up assets. Recently Acreage Holdings has invested into the California dispensary marketplace through the acquisition of company Kanna. Acreage Holdings could end up being a pretty big player in the cannabis industry to come.

  1. GW Pharmaceuticals PLC-ADR

This cannabis biotech startup is listed on the NASDAQ. It has trended upwards of the last few months due to being given the buy rating from some popular investment outlets. If you are interested in investing in the medicinal pharmaceutical side of cannabis GW Pharmaceuticals could be a good investment. They very recently spiked, and the market has shown some correction. But this should be a cannabis company you look into.

  1. Aurora Cannabis

Aurora Cannabis is Canada's second largest marijuana stock. This company's stock has very recently seen a big upswing. Many stock analysts have called the stock underrated. On March 13th 2019, the Aurora Cannabis stock spiked 11% premarket trading. This happened after the announcement of Nelson Peltz, billion dollar investor, being hired as a strategic advisor. Within the cannabis industry this is certainly a stock to consider.

  1. Canopy Growth Corp

While Aurora Cannabis is on the rise, Canada's biggest cannabis company is Canopy Growth Corp. Canopy Growth are leaders in the cannabis startup market. They also have plans to invest heavily into large scale hemp facility in New York. Canopy has announced plans to actively tackle multiple billion dollar industries with cannabis, and hemp products. Canopy Growth Corp is one of the biggest cannabis companies on the stock market. The cannabis industry is far from done growing, and Canopy could end up being a big player for years to come.