5 on It: Successful Cannabis Farms in Sunny California

Bluntness Team

There are many different farms in California that are all worthy for one reason or another to make this list. These farms are part of a wide cultivating community and offer some of the best strains out there. So check them out and enjoy them.

Emerald Family Farms
Emerald Family Farms was created by Farmers and Activist so they could work in cooperation within the cannabis industry. Their core values respect the land, respect the people, respect the plant.

Emerald Family Farms has a long rich history and has won many awards, including, the Golden Tarps Contest, Emerald Cup, The Humboldt Cup, High Times, Hempcon and many other competitions. Follow them on Instagram at Emerald Family Farms

Moongazer Farms
At Moongazer farms they believe that following the natural rhythm of the sun, moon and the seasons honors their plants. They grow from seeds instead of clones which makes their plants' stronger and more pest resistant. There are no growth hormones in their seeds and plants. They have a wide diversity which they take pride in.

Moongazer Farms also builds its own soil. You can see how that is done on their webpage under the How We Grow section. They also use their own garden and Fermented Plant extracts to add nutrition to their crops. This farm produces fun, beautiful, energy conscious and economical plants. You can follow them on Instagram here at Moongazer Farms

Blazing Oaks Homestead Cannabis
Blazing Oaks is proud to be 100% Sun Grown and they do it with passion. They cultivate potent, handcrafted, award-winning marijuana.

Native wildlife is always important at Blazing Oaks and they are proud to offer a haven to all their wild neighbors. They cultivate a wide range of strains. Follow them at Instagram here at Blazing Oaks

Mendocino Natural Farms
This farm is set between the Russian and Eel Rivers. Their marijuana is 100% pure and it’s plant-based, chemical free, and not tested on animals. They never use chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

They are a green, low impact farm. They provide top shelf strains and their own brand of marijuana. Follow them on Instagram here Mendocino Natural Farms.

Giving Tree Farms
Giving Tree grows indoors and outdoors and uses boutique bio-engineering methods. They bioengineer the world’s most progressive crop before putting each cultivar through compliance lab testing to make sure it surpasses the average.

They believe that controlling the environment means they can control the outcome. They promote marijuana reform and you can check that out on their website under the about us tab and then under reform. Follow them on Instagram at Giving Tree Farms.

Photo via Instagram