5 on It: The Bestselling Cannabis Vaporizers

Bluntness Team

There are several cannabis vaporizers that come in different sizes, but there are five that are going to be mentioned that will catch your attention. A majority of the vaporizers carry the same type of benefits, but in order to understand each type of vapor, you need a little background knowledge when it comes to smoking marijuana.

And, folks love vape pens. Check out the top brands:

The Aubergine is made from a company called Vessel and is an extremely popular brand and has brought forth several positive feedbacks. This product will have you hooked almost instantaneously and there are several features this product carries.

This carries a nice overall appearance and comes in either gold or aubergine color. This product has a protective cartridge design, and fits most 510 thread cartridges. This also contains three separate power voltages that helps for those looking for a different inhaling setting, and the dimensions are 4.3"L x 0.5"D. This also contains a 3D LED Light, and a charger is included.

Dry Vaporizer
Another popular product made by marijuana vaporizer is their Dry Vaporizer. This product is very popular and carries several positive features. This product is only five inches in height which is great for portable reasons.

This product is also meant for holding extremely hot temperatures, so you won't have to worry about this product burning out. There is an automatic shut off mechanism which helps your battery life, and also has two vents available on both sides that provides an everlasting high-quality inhale.

Heat up time only takes 30 seconds, and this is a great choice for those looking for something that will do wonders for them.

Pro 50 Combustor
This product was made by Mig Vapor, and has turned several heads and works wonders for the average cannabis toker. This product provides a 50 watt dry herb-kit, and has several positive features available along with making a great base stand.

With the combustor setting on here, you will be able to adjust and find the correct temperature that you need in a matter of seconds. Whats included in this popular brand is 1 pro 50 battery, 5 mesh, 1 extra sub-herb coil, user manual, vape band, and 1 sub-herb tank.

DRAY Portable Vaporizer
Another famous product made by Mig Vapor is the DRAY Portable Vape. This unique and special product comes with several positive features.

This portable vape provides you with a fully customizable temperature scale that provides increments between 380-430 degrees. Everything that is included in this special offer is the vaporizer, a USB adaptor with cable, one cleaning brush, 1 pack of cleaning swabs, manual, tweezers, and a cool storage box with a 90 day warranty.

Dr. Dabber Ghost
For those who enjoy smoking wax, and are looking for something that won't hurt their wallet much, this is a great vape pen to consider.

Once you have your pen ready, this product can work in as fast as five seconds, and comes with a free silicone wax container to store your cannabis. This also comes with the USB adaptor to charge your vape pen, and is high quality.

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