5 on It: The Biggest Weed Operations in Washington State

Bluntness Team

Weed has an impact on several people and its use is growing more popular each and every day. It is grown around the country with each state having farms to satisfy the needs of the retailer and consumer. The process starts with the dedicated farmers trimming and tending diligently to each plant.

There are many farms in Washington State that produce marijuana. Some are bigger than others and have resources that make it possible to generate a lot of income. Here are the biggest and best weed farms in the Evergreen State.

Cowlitz County Cannabis Cultivation
Longview, WA
Those at Cowlitz dedicate their work around family. It's a small group of closely related people coming together to produce high quality marijuana products. They look at the goods in three parts in an effort to satisfy the many needs of marijuana lovers around the state.

With various products for the every-man weed smoker, lover of dabs and those who prefer a more premium indoor flower, Cowlitz aims to offer something of interest to every weed consumer. The transparency and continued education of the staff and those involved in the business make this one of the top weed farms in the state.

Rolling Farms
Located in Snohomish County, this indoor farm produces a lot of product with sales in January of 2019 reaching over the 2 million dollar amount. With a tier 3 production license, Rolling Farms is able to produce in a space dedicated to growing marijuana plants that is between ten thousand and thirty thousand square feet.

Grow Op Farms
Spokane, WA
Grow Op Farms aims to produce a myriad of different strains and appeal to consumers seeking premium cannabis products. They pride themselves in producing not only a large amount for their retailers, but to do so without sacrificing the quality of the goods. They produce flowers and oils aimed to satisfy. The customer service accompanied by the quality product makes Grow Up one of the top 5 weed farms in Washington.

Northwest Cannabis Solutions
Olympia, WA
This is one of the largest recreational marijuana processors/producers in the state. Their growing facility is quite large, featuring high-end technology and even a kitchen dedicated to producing the very best in edibles. Whether in the Pacific Northwest or beyond, the oils produced here are beyond satisfactory.

Forbidden Farms
Tacoma, WA
Founded in 2014 by brothers Taylor and Garrett Balduff, Forbidden Farms truly is a massive operation. They are committed to serving recreational marijuana users 21 and older a variety of marijuana options. Their strains are many and their operations reach retailers across the state, making them the biggest weed farm in Washington.

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