5 Public Cannabis Companies

Bluntness Team

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Think weed won’t go public. Well, it has, and here’s who we’re following.

Based in Ontario, Canada, this was the first company to export medical marijuana to the United States. They currently plan to enter the adult-oriented recreational marijuana industry soon, however, they will always remain an important part of marijuana's medical industry. This company continues to operate export centres throughout the world, from North America to Australia. Other successes include a non-alcoholic and THC/CBD infused beer which they partnered with an extremely popular brewer. They also acquired a hemp foods manufacturer which allowed them to attain an excellent stake in the CBD market. Recently, Tilray has taken over a U.K-based company in order to create CBD-infused edibles. With their historic record and courageous experimenting, this is one of the top marijuana-related companies.

Arena Pharmaceuticals
Many companies that work in pharmaceuticals are researching pain medication that includes cannabis as an ingredient. With the increasing public rejection of opioids and other classic forms of pain treatment, smart pharmaceutical businesses are taking advantage of recently relaxed marijuana laws to find a new way to medicate their customers. This company, in particular, is looking into a new way to treat Crohn's disease, as well as aims to treat other disorders such as hypertension. APD371 is the main reason that this company is utilizing marijuana in their biotech endeavours.

Marrone Bio Innovations
In the efforts to find a pest control substance that is safe for human consumption, as well as the environment, Marrone Bio Innovations is one of the foremost leaders. They're business is based around creating pest management systems that are environmentally responsible. In the wake of the many scandals involving the results of unsafe pest control material being used for crops, it's no wonder that companies are looking into creating a PR-friendly way to keep crops free of pests. Marrone Bio Innovations has revealed that three of its active ingredients are now available to be freely used on marijuana plants in California.

Village Farms International
This is a venture that recently invested in a 25 acre plot of land within British Columbia. What will they be growing on this massive piece of real estate? You guessed it, marijuana! In fact, enough marijuana to cover the consumption of half of Canada's recreational users. While this may be a brand new company to hit the market, there's a good chance that it will quickly find its place as a staple in the production of marijuana within Canada, if not beyond. The venture, called Pure Sunfarms, is a team-up of Emerald Theraputics and Village Farms International.

Zynerba Pharmaceuticals
All of Zynerba's projects are based around cannabinoid products, which suggests just how much the global pharmaceutical market has changed in the wake of legalization. They're looking into a topical gel that can aid in the treatment of epilepsy and other ailments, as well as a patch that delivers THC to help treat fibromyalgia and peripheral neuropathic pain. Investors have looked keenly upon this company in the hopes that a non-addictive replacement for opioids could be found, as well as the function of a gel-based treatment.