5 Women-Run Companies Changing Cannabis in Los Angeles

Bluntness Team

Women in Los Angeles are changing the way that cannabis is grown and managed. The distribution and sale of beautiful new products makes it easier for people to manage their health conditions and these women are inventive, advocates, and leading the charge in marijuana today.

Sagely Naturals
Safely Naturals is a product line that was created by a female inventor who wants people to use soft products around the home that are related to marijuana. She’s all about keeping a safely clean home, minus the harsh chemicals.

OG Girls Club
The Og Girls Club is a product line that is very vintage and fun. The OG Girls Club is constantly coming out with new products, and they want to create a Rosie the Riveter ideal that allows women to feel like rebels when they use these weedy products.

Miss Grass
Miss Grass has perhaps the best name of all the companies on this list, and she is unapologetic about how she produces cannabis products. She wants women to feel as though they can use these products without giving up their femininity. She has railed against the harsh masculinity that is so common in the industry and has created fantastic products for your home, your skin, and your overall health.

Monk Drinking Botanicals
These weed-infused drinks it possible to shift way you treats medical conditions -- and they avoid the harsh chemicals that come in most medications. A sip can treat a headache, aches pains, and/or depression. Yes, please!

Lord Jones
Lord Jones is a CBD brand that feels as though it came from a true artist. Their tinctures and edibles are made from the highest quality with the highest level of care. For your mind, and body, these cannabis products will blow you away.

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