6 (Amazing) Canadian Women in Cannabis

Bluntness Team

Legal in weed in cannabis makes for a booming industry, full of amazing people. And while the industry keeps growing, so does the crop of amazing women leading the charge. There are so many women who are speaking out, advocating and making positive changes for the weed industry in Canada.

These women and so many others are pioneers in helping to educate, advocate for and breakdown the stigma that is usually connected to weed, the industry is getting better every day. They are helping women to start their own businesses, to better their mental and physical health and also to show that women do have a voice in the weed industry.

Women across Canada are now running dispensaries, head shops, make glass smoke products, they are making baked goods, running websites and podcasts and also weed related magazines. Women are taking the pot industry and truly making it in to a benefitting and women profiting business.

Here are a few of our favorite women advocating and making a better world for cannabis goers in Canada.

Katie Pringle and Bridget Hoffer

Marigold PR is a Public Relations company that does 90% of it’s work in weed related branding, marketing, social media and information. This company is ran by Katie Pringle and Bridget Hoffer. These ladies also head up Cannabis Communications, which is a division within Marigold PR.

Katie’s background is in marketing, while Bridget is the person behind strategies. Katie and Bridget are helping others to brand and market their weed related businesses, which helps to make the pot industry seen as a true business entity in the world and helps people to see it’s value.

Tracy Curley

Tracy Curley is an advocate for legal weed and it’s legalization. She runs Curleygurl Events which is an event planning company that does marijuana related events. She’s run a youtube show called Baked with Tracy Curley, where she cooks with pot product.

Tracy is also an author for Twelve High Chicks, which is a website that has weed advocates helping the community to understand the benefits of pot and what it can do for health related situations, like sexual health and depression. Tracy has been a pot advocate for over two decades.

Gill Polard

Gill Polard runs the High Friends Podcast. Gill runs her podcast from a feminine view of the pot industry and the benefits of weed. She helps women to see how weed can help not only their health both physically and mentally, but also how it can help them financially.

She also has a series called the Spotlight Series that promotes women who are selling weed related products and what those products do. Gill Pollard is helping break down the stigma of weed and tells of how it helped her with anxiety and helped her to relax in life’s challenges.

Pamela Hadfield

Pamela Hadfield is the co-founder of HelloMD and an advocate and brand evangelist for weed. HelloMd is a company that promotes the health and wellness benefits of pot related products.

HelloMd takes a medical standpoint for weed related products and tries to educate the public on what laws about weed are doing and what they mean. Pamela is helping to educate the community on how your life, health and wellness can be elevated with the use of weed products.

Caroline Lavoie

A woman who is helping to break the stigma and blurred lines of the pot industry in Canada is Caroline Lavoie. She is the Director of Corporate Affairs at Neptune Wellness Solutions.

Caroline has helped to lead the public affairs in Montreal when it comes to pot related situations. She has helped to advice key players in the Canadian weed industry. Caroline is advocating for more women in the legal weed industry and wants the public to hear a female perspective.

Photo via Marigold PR