6 Booming Cannabis Towns in the US

Bluntness Team

The legal cannabis industry has created a massive boom in travel to these six amazing cities. Go for the sights...and all the weed!

1. Oakland

Oakland is crazy for the Golden State Warriors, and you might come to town to see a game. However, there are amazing vendors in the city that will sell you gorgeous products, help you manage your health, and give you a chance to save money on these different products. It is easy to travel here and also enjoy San Francisco because the city across the bay just as involved in the cannabis industry.

2. Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a city rich in culture, and it hosts many vendors that you have to see to believe. Everything is a little bit bigger in LA, and you can spend a couple days checking out all the shops that host marijuana products and sell you cannabis that was grown locally.

3. Las Vegas

Las Vegas has always been home to many things that were seen as taboo. The city has emerged as a place where people can come to get just about any cannabis products they can dream of. Vacationers can enjoy the city on its own, and they can add marijuana to their journey.

4. Boston

Boston is known for its Irish roots, and it is an incredible place to come when you want to try new cannabis products. Small shops have appeared all over the city that will sell you amazing new weedy items, and many tech-savvy folks are leading the charge in plant research.

5. Portland

Portland is often considered one of the OG weed towns. You might have come here to see the landscape or enjoy the small town feel of it all while experiencing all the cannabis the city has to offer. This metropolis is a hub for cannabis use because of the many small communities in the city that have gathered round their love of smoking.

6. Denver

Perhaps a place considered the heart of legal weed, the state of Colorado is liberal in its legislation of Cannabis. It’s a wonderful place to go when you want to tour dispensaries, check out new shops, and enjoy the city’s breweries at the same time.

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