6 Innovative Weed Companies in Canada

Bluntness Team

Following legalization of marijuana in Canada, there was a flood of weed-related companies to the market. With all this noise, it can be very difficult to find the best cannabis and cannabis products. Fortunately, we have found the weedy brands in Canada. Check them out:

Qwest is a luxury cannabis company out of British Columbia which produces some of the best "BC bud". Being headquartered in the pastoral Creston Valley, Qwest is able to nurture ultra-premium buds by using clean Rocky Mountain air, natural spring water, and rich soil.

Burb is a clothing and paraphernalia company which is built around cannabis culture. The flagship store was built in British Columbia with additional stores built in Vancouver. Burb provides clothing and tools which have moved beyond the self-parodying "rasta" culture.

Founded in 2014 in the old abandoned Hersey’s chocolate factory, Tweed is one of the first and largest cannabis providers in Canada. Tweed has many strains from THC heavy indica strains to piney CBD heavy sativa strains with many hybrids and combinations in-between. If you happen to visit their Visitor center, you will be presented with an immersive, educational experience as well as a new chocolate factory.

Van der Pop
While Van der Pop started as a luxury cannabis lifestyle company, it has since morphed into a female focused weed education platform and merchandising company. In addition to many strains of cannabis and accessories, Van der Pop's website is full of educational articles on current legislation as well as cannabis education, self-care, and other pressing topics for women.

Tantalus Labs
Hailing from Maple Ridge, British Columbia in 2012, Tantalus labs have been revolutionizing cannabis cultivation methods for years. Currently, their cannabis is strictly sun-grown in modern greenhouses which include advanced airflow, transparent ceilings, and triple filtered rainwater. Due to their progressive cultivation techniques, not only does tantalus labs produce exquisite cannabis but they have also managed to reduce their electricity demand by 90% when compared to traditional indoor cannabis cultivation companies.

Tokyo Smoke
Tokyo smoke was founded by Toronto native Alan Gertner with the help of his father back in 2015. Tokyo Smoke occupies an interesting niche market as it blends the cannabis culture with coffee house culture. Additionally, Tokyo smoke works to elevate cannabis to serve many different needs by organizing around the intent of the shopper.

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