6 Oregon Dispensaries Dominating the Cannabis Industry

Bluntness Team

When it comes to Cannabis dispensaries in Oregon area, there are several great locations to consider. These dispensaries are a great choice for those that suffer from chronic pain, anxiety, depression, along with other mental illnesses, and are a great option for all.

These companies know what they are doing, treat their patients well, and make a big buck selling weed.

Oregon's Finest
In order to go here you need to be ages 21 and older and for those who are looking for a specific type of brand and are a bit on the picky side, this is a great location to consider. They are located in the heart of the Lloyd district area, and are neighbors to the company Oregon Convention Center. They carry several different brands of cannabis, and also have tinctures, vaporizers, pre-rolls, and several other options to choose from.

Nectar Market
Another great location is the Nectar Market. They have several different locations of this company spread around Oregon and are extremely popular. Their buds are all natural and carry no pesticides or impurities. They have high quality bud for anyone over 21 years of age.

Diamond Tree Club
This dispensary has two different locations in Bend and Madris Oregon area. They carry both recreational and medical dispensaries and are a popular choice for those that love cannabis. People can walk in or purchase their marijuana online and have it shipped directly to their homes. This company has already been voted as best dispensary back in 2016 and 2017 and brought a lot of joy and positive outcomes for several people. They have a huge selection to choose from, and their knowledge towards marijuana is phenomenal.

Shop Serra
Another popular location that offers both recreational and medical dispensaries. They believe in excellent quality marijuana, and provide products that have high quality grades. Their number one focus is on providing the best marijuana for those that are in need of high quality bud, and medical patients shop tax-free on their products. They are located in Downtown Portland area, and they will provide excellent customer service to those who are new to marijuana or for those who have been using marijuana for a very long time.

La Mota
La Mota is a very popular location that provides 50 + different strains of bud in their store. This company has spread fast and are very popular with 15 different stores located all around Oregon area. Their products are all high quality, and they are extremely patient and professional with any questions that their patients have when it comes to medical marijuana. Another company who provides bud, tinctures, vaporizers, joints, edibles, and several other things to choose from.

Cured Green
This company is more like a mom and pop type of shop, and they are open 7 days a week from 10am to 10 pm every day. Their hours of operation are pretty reasonable, and they carry high quality marijuana and have professional experience when it comes to the bud that they are selling. They have several different options to choose from along with the quality being high.

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