6 Top-funded Cannabis Startups

Bluntness Team

There are several companies that have grown significantly when it comes to cannabis startup, and here are six different top-funded marijuana startups who are pushing the marijuana industry into the future.

Privateer Holdings

This company came about back in 2010 and was founded by three different entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs were experienced in venture capital in the past and also had experience in banking. All together this company has raised more than $22 million dollars from certain investors. One of the investors that were included was Peter Thiel.

Eaze Solutions

This company is a medical marijuana delivery dispensary business that is run by CEO Jim Patterson. All together, this company has brought forth more than $24.5 million dollars. They brought forth a popular report on The State Of Marijuana located in California. They are located in San Francisco area, and they currently have sixteen jobs listed that is available on their website for corporate jobs. This company provides a medical marijuana big data set that speaks about all of the available markets that are out there. They ship to 42 different states around the globe and have excellent credentials.

Cresco Labs

This building is located in the Greater Chicago area which is in the midwestern part of the United States. They came about back in 2014, and brought forth over $104 million dollars since they opened. This company has helped enhanced other people’s lives and provides to both their patients and doctors a location of where they can find resources for research, products, marijuana based treatments, and carry expertise in answering any of their patients and doctors questions.

New Coastal Group

This company is new and was founded back in 2018 and is located in Greater Los Angeles area, which is in the west coast area of the United States. They have funded over $994,000 since last year and are increasing their numbers day by day. They are a marketer and developer on CBD products and all the products they carry are extremely safe and affordable when it comes to natural medicines. Their reputation is very popular and they have a good reputation.

Flower Company Wholesale Cannabis Club

This is another newer company that was created back in 2018. They are located in the West Coast area which is in the western parts of the US, and they deliver all their products to the comfort of your own home. They also provide and save members %40 percent on popular products. They deliver cannabis, along with consumer goods, and so far this company has funded over $150,000 since May of 2018.

Lyfted Logistics and Distribution

This company is extremely popular and was created back on April 20th, 2015. They have funded over $6 million dollars and their numbers continue to grow. They provide software development, distribution and delivery, and they are licensed in the state of California. This location is a public benefits corporation, and is well respected along with well known since they came about.

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