7 Cannabis CEOs to Watch

Bluntness Team

The US cannabis industry has seen a major growth spurt in recent years and is currently worth billions of dollars. In 2018 there was an estimated $52 billion in sales and 76 percent increase in cannabis-related employment. With 33 US states legalizing the medicinal use of marijuana and 10 states legalizing recreational use, there is no sign of the cannabis industry slowing down. The industry has produced several standout CEOs to watch out for.

Steve Deangelo
Steven Deangelo is probably best known for founding the largest medical marijuana dispensary Harborside Health Center. He is a long time cannabis industry participant known for his stance on medicinal over recreational marijuana use.

Lelehnia DuBois
Lelehnia DuBois takes a unique approach to her work in the cannabis industry. She has a background in community development and demographics. As CEO of Humboldt Grace she also collaborates with communities in an effort to make awareness of the holistic advantages of cannabis.

Amy Poinsett
With an astonishing 100 percent growth in her first year, Amy Poinsett has solidified her place as a cannabis industry leader to watch for. Her company, MJ Freeway is the first to introduce seed-to-sale tracking software.

Scott Van Rixel
Coming from the food industry, Scott who is a Master Chocolatier, has hit it big by combining the food and beverage industry with the cannabis industry. Van Rixel's company Bhang uses cannabis oil to infuse into edible cannabis products.

Kristina Garcia
As CEO of Women Grow, Kristina Garcia has made a name for herself by empowering other women in the cannabis industry. At its peak, her company had 44 different chapters dedicated to empowering other cannabis entrepreneurs.

Virgil Grant
Grant got his start in the cannabis industry as a dispensary owner and then became a political powerhouse. he has been in the Southern California industry for two decades and a key industry advocate with L.A. City Council. Grant plays an integral part of L.A.'s regulations.

Jim Hagedorn
Jim Hagedorn made headlines in 2016 when he announced his plans to transform his company Scotts Miracle-Gro, into a cannabis industry powerhouse. He has since bought several cannabis companies putting him in position to be one of the biggest companies in the cannabis industry.

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