Advice From Entrepreneur @RyCannabiz


We're asking cannabis entrepreneurs making moves in the industry for their advice on how to succeed. Today, we have words of wisdom from Ry A.K. Russell -- the budding cannabis entrepreneur behind the podcast and

My advice for cannapreneurs [is]: why are you doing this? Figure that out. I see too many people getting into things for money. Money is easy to find, and it’s cliche, but it isn’t happiness. Building communities and supporting one another and sharing the love -- that is how real change is created. If you’re interested in getting into this industry, figure out why, and then stop at nothing...The reason I’m in cannabis is [that it] changed my life, and I know it can change someone else’s. At the end of the day my only goal is to give someone ONE MORE DAY with a loved one. 

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Besides the basics of having quality stuff is to make sure employees are trained well. Most folks don't know what they want or need