Business Mogul Jay-Z Gets in on Legal Weed

Bluntness Team

Rap mogul Jay-Z has joined a major cannabis distribution company called Caliva based out of San Jose, California. He will be the chief brand strategist for Caliva. At Caliva, Jay-Z will participate in a role that focuses on more of the social justice side for individuals; he will partake in outreach programs for formerly incarcerated people that have been hurt from cannabis laws that have affected them. Job training, workforce development, and advocating for the right of these people will be the main focus for Jay-Z.

Caliva is not only a cannabis distribution company that has hundreds of products in different dispensaries but they always help people to get expunged from non-violent convictions that involve marijuana. Jay-Z was attracted to the company’s involvement in social justice.

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Photo Shareif Ziyadat/Getty Images