California's Leading Weedy Women

Cannabis businesses are rising in numbers and success, meeting the public demand for a better way to treat the human body and that of our beloved pets -- and California women are cashing in. These weed-friendly ladies are doing the coolest of things, making money, and constantly pushing the weed business into the future. Check out the women of California who are going about their activities with zest and enthusiasm, making names for themselves in the business world of women and weed.

Corey Thomas

Thomas won countless awards for her gourmet edibles. Topicals are a specialty as are her lotions, honey, vape, and vape pens. Her complaint packaging solutions are precise in dosages of cannabinoids. With over 20 years of experience in farming and retail, she has made a fantastic, successful business venture in the industry. Thomas sits at the top pinnacle of a successful business called, The Honey Pot products.

Erin Gore

Gore suffered from numerous hip surgeries, and after convention medicine failed her, she turned to cannabinoids to help with healing and pain. Results from marijuana led her to form her business called Garden Society. This step led her to develop Bliss Blossoms, mouth-watering and fantastic chocolate beating all others on today's market. This product contains 10 milligrams of THC. Her Bright Blooms contains 5 milligrams of THC and offers a real-like fruit taste. She only uses the highest quality, organically grown plants.

Amanda Jones and Jennifer Chapin

These two women formed a cannabinoids business called Kikoko. These women developed a new form of "High Tea." These women developed combinations of specific teas by blending herbs and with cannabinoids. Their formula teas focus healing powers targeted for pain, sex, fun, and of course sleep. Blends may include hibiscus, orange peel, and rose petals. Tranquil-Tea targets anxiety, relaxation, and sleep. Their positiv-Tea even improves mood!

Gillian Levy and Susan Cleverdon

These two women have over 25 years of herbal experience. They are responsible for creating their highly successful business, Humboldt Apothecary. The essence of their business is combining essential herbs with cannabinoids into mouth drops, and tinctures. These products support the healing process for specific health issues. They offer tinctures that provide rest, uplifting oils, and a healthy libido. Their line of products known as Sweet Jane contains THC and CBD in wide varieties of uses for every individual.

Wendy LoveBird

This successful Harvest on Geary business owner moved into the marketplace from her home to offer her homegrown edibles to the public. Answering all the new laws and regulations affecting this specific industry has made LoveBird's business a raving success. She offers sour and sweet Space Gems gummies. Her flavors include peach, cherry, grape, and mandarin. All treats are vegan-made. A big seller in this business is Vita Gummies containing quality Vitamin C and CBD.

Photo via Instagram