Can Can Buzz Is Curating Everything You Need to Know About Cannabis

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Linda Thompson is an accomplished, award-winning entrepreneur and executive. Thriving in business development, sales leadership, and creative strategic environments. She founded Can Can Buzz to talk all things cannabis.

She told us about why she’s curating and making weed content for everyone.


How did you get involved in cannabis?
In 2018 I was invited to a cannabis start-up table in Toronto. I had been watching the cannabis industry explode from an executive role in the oil and gas channel and the grass really looked greener on the other side. I knew that I wanted to not only experience the start up journey but that I was fascinated by this emerging industry full of opportunity and creativity in business. 

I decided to take the leap and join the founders at to help them build a hemp derived CBD company however we also took a stab at cannabis in California and several types of products in California. One of the things that I knew would be vital to me being able to contribute strategically to the leadership discussions would be that I develop a solid understanding of the CBD and cannabis industries. There were no ‘How to do business in Cannabis or CBD’ books but there was a ton of information online from research papers to blogs to podcasts to social accounts. I began to accumulate relevant information and knowledge through those sources.

Then one September afternoon it dawned on me that if I was this ‘canna-curious’ then others must surely be too! So right then I decided to start and share whatever information I was discovering that related to legalized cannabis lifestyles. This is truly a passion project and our story is still unfolding. I could not do this alone and I am thankfully supported with the help of wonderful writers and photographers who also want to document this moment in time.

What is your mission with Can Can Buzz?
Can Can Buzz is a Cannabis lifestyle and culture curated source of information and influence for everyone! We are proudly showcasing and demonstrating what the legalized cannabis lifestyle may look like for yourself, your neighbour, your parent or friend. We like to share, inform and educate to remove some of the plant mystery and consumption stigmas that exist. As an entrepreneur at heart, I further strive to share ‘cannapreneur’ stories and take pride in being an accessible platform. At we seek out and welcome contributions by our audience and pride ourselves on our ability to collaborate and support each other.

Where do you see yourself in the industry in 5 years?
I will be creating influence in one fashion or another. I am building and forging authentic and valuable relationships with everyone tied to this industry - that is the byproduct of the very nature of the work that I do - I like to help people tell their story. Through that storytelling and engagement, I am meeting the people behind the brands, companies, expos, venues, products, consumers and much more.

What's the biggest challenge of working in the cannabis space and the biggest reward?
The biggest challenge in this industry is simply the pace. I describe this industry to outsiders as working in dog years. A week is more like a month and a month is more like a year. It is so strife with opportunity that you can simply become easily distracted by the next shiny ball. Focus and discipline are really very highly correlated to meeting your goals. The biggest reward for me in this industry has been the people. I truly have a cannafamily around me that I love and respect. The people I have touched in this industry are welcoming, respectful, helpful and approachable. I have had so many ‘strangers’ take their personal time to counsel, discuss, share, meet or speak with me, simply because I have asked or been referred. I am not sure that happens quite like this in many other industries.

Do you have any advice for any fellow cannapreneurs?
My advice would be to try to ‘enjoy the journey’. We are all so busy with our own projects, plans and efforts that we could all use a reminder to stop once in a while and enjoy the fruits of our labour. It is harvest season. Make sure you stop and smell the flowers. 

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