Cannabis Business Conferences and Expos in Canada in 2019

Bluntness Team

With marijuana now legal for recreational use by adults in Canada, there are more and more events popping up celebrating the many strains and ways marijuana is used. Canada is becoming an expert on the way cannabis is produced and these events allow people from all backgrounds to gain knowledge on all the sides that come together to make the sale and use of marijuana possible. 2019 is an exciting year for lovers of both medical or recreational marijuana in Canada and here are five expos that celebrate the spirit of weed.

HempFest Cannabis Expo
Where and When: Hamilton on June 1; Saskatoon on June 22 & 23; Halifax on October 5 & 6, Calgary on October 12 & 13
What to Expect:
This one is for both industry pioneers and novice marijuana enthusiasts who maybe want to learn a bit more about the plant from how it was harvested to the many forma it can be consumed in. One will see consumers there, local business leaders, politicians, and many more. There are so many exhibits to see at one of these expos, that one will surely leave with more knowledge on marijuana than what they came with.

O'Cannabiz Conference and Expo
Where and When: Toronto on April 25-27
They brag of this one as being the premiere business conference and expo in Canada in terms of marijuana. Plenty people involved in the industry will meet under one roof to discuss all things related to the plant, from lighting solutions to difficulties within the business. This is a time to grow one's network by meeting plenty of important people in not only Canada's marijuana business but around the world.

GrowUp Conference
Where and When: Niagara Falls On September 12-14
This conference is truly focused on how businesses specializing in marijuana can collaborate and educate individuals on all things related to it. One will see all sorts of people there from different backgrounds sharing a common interest of marijuana. Listen to the health benefits of marijuana and much more at the GrowUp Conference.

Where and When: Vancouver on September 15-16
This is an international conference that tours cities all over the world focusing on the marijuana industry. Like all the aforementioned conferences and expos, one can learn a lot from sitting in a a speaker's lecture here, or visiting a booth for inquiries. People with knowledge of marijuana from all over the world will be in British Columbia for this business conference and one doesn't want to miss out on the chance to enhance his or her opportunities.

Montreal Cannabis Expo 2019
Where and When: Montreal on October 3-4
Quebec showcases this event in October and it doesn't disappoint. From getting started in the business to maintaining success within the marijuana markets and to growing the plant with certain lights, a meaningful discussion can be had here.

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