Cannabiz Advice: CEO Mari Geier of Luna CBD

Bluntness Team

Know the law in your area. Read the bills that make cannabis legal in your state – line by line. These are wordy and often complicated documents so if you need help understating ask your local NORML chapter or call an attorney. But know what is legal. And don’t be tempted to write you own rules outside the lines. This industry is battling the stigma that all cannabis users are criminals and don’t follow rules and rebel. While we might possess the fire to want change, we have to do so legally. I have been to so many cannabis events where many cannapreneurs were coloring outside the lines in very open ways. This won’t help our cause. We have to be smart and stay focused on the fight ahead. While cannabis may recreationally be legal in several states, in the Southeast, we have a long road ahead of us. The other piece of advice I would offer is don’t be intimidated by the big money players. There is a place for small business in this new industry and there is always a place for passionate people seeking the truth.

Mari Geier is the Chief Education Officer at Luna CBD. She is leading the charge in terms of clean ingredients, clear labeling and clear messaging and continues to be the trusted educator in the retail cannabis space for hemp-derived CBD –rich hemp extracts. She also runs the squeaky clean cannabis-friendly Instagram nutsnberriesatl.