Cannabiz Advice: DeJanae Evans of Green Goddess Glow

Bluntness Team

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“My advice to cannaprenuers interested in getting into the space now would be: be intentional. Will be really clear on why you’re getting into the space and your own personal narrative around cannabis. A lot of companies are coming into this with monetary interest but that alone isn’t sustainable, and we see that when we look at just about any other industry driven by purely profits. Having a mindset that is only about increasing production, or appealing to social movements to sell to the masses means that integrity gets lost. And I think that that is the most valuable asset to have coming into this industry, is your integrity.”

DeJanae runs Green Goddess Glow, an educational platform sparking culture-shifting conversations around cannabis and self-care. Catch DeJanae on or on Instagram @GreenGoddessGlow.