Cannabiz Advice: Industry Leader and Harborside Co-Founder Steve DeAngelo

Bluntness Team

Reach for the stars. You have been called to a special mission at a pivotal time in human history. If there was ever a moment that this planet needed a plant that heals our bodies, inspires our souls, awakens our spirits, makes us more tolerant and peaceful and creative and loving…that moment is now, and it is the moment you have been born into. Aim high as we craft this new reality together. Let’s not just create a new industry, let’s create a new kind of industry, one that smashes the old worn out molds of corporate conduct and unleashes transformational change. Follow your most heartfelt dreams, and have faith they will come true.

Steve DeAngelo, a globally recognized cannabis leader, was dubbed “the father of the legal industry” by former Speaker of the California Assembly Willie Brown. Steve is a lifelong activist, author, educator, investor, and entrepreneur who has spent over four decades on the front lines of the cannabis reform movement. His most notable business achievements include co-founding Harborside, one of the first six dispensaries licensed in the United States-now a publicly-traded company on the Canadian Securities Exchange; Steep Hill Laboratory, the first cannabis analytics company; and the Arc View Group, the first dedicated cannabis investment network.

Steve speaks and writes widely on the topic of cannabis reform and the cannabis industry. He believes that a profitable, ethical, politically engaged cannabis industry will be the most powerful force in spreading cannabis reform to every corner of the planet. Launching the Last Prisoner Project in 2019, he will not rest and will not stop until the last cannabis prisoner is free.