Cannabiz Advice: James Rowland, COO of Steve’s Goods

Bluntness Team

"I'd suggest not getting into the industry until you have paid your dues in some form. Most of our staff have experience working in the cannabis business in some way or another. Whether you're considering the hemp or marijuana business, they have a few similarities, endless differences, and entirely different customer bases.

"I initially tried to start my own CBD business, but I didn't know enough about CBD to compete with everyone else out there. Shortly after I decided to work for Steve's Goods; it wasn't an easy decision; as I was used to being my own boss. As it turns out, it was one of the best ones I've ever made.

"For the first eight months at Steve's Goods, while building the marketing department, I absorbed all the knowledge I could about CBD, CBG, the endocannabinoid system, and how it works. Then, I paired my business skills with my newly founded CBD education, and the business grows exponentially every year. I attribute my path to being able to join in an executive role as a partner with equity in one of the fastest-growing hemp companies in the marketplace.

"My ultimate advice is to buckle up; this industry can be a bumpy ride. But, if you're willing to work for it, stay above board and not cut corners, there will be a piece of pie at the table for you. Just cross your fingers that pie doesn't get confiscated in some random DEA raid.

"Finally, get yourself the best damn lawyer and accountant you can find. Both of ours have expertise in this industry, which has saved our ass more than a few times. Lastly, know and fully understand this is a high-risk, high reward industry. The cannabis industry is still considered the wild west in many parts of the country, both socially and federally. That means people are scamming each-other and getting away with it. "Buyer beware" should be ingrained in any business you do, and you should be exceptionally kind to the ones who've earned your trust." makes quality CBD.