Cannabiz Advice: Lifestyle and Skincare Weed Brand Kush & Cute

Bluntness Team

My advice would be to make sure you're entering this industry for the right reasons or for a reason that benefits more than just you because cannabis is so much bigger than a money-making plant. It's a medicine that's making life a lot easier for a lot of people and it's so important that people behind the scenes who are growing, or selling, or marketing it understand that this industry is not about making money it's about educating and helping people through this plan.

Iyana and is the founder of Kush & Cute, a Cannabis accessories, lifestyle, & skincare brand. Since creating the company in August 2016, she has been immersed in all things weed and consistently stays updated on cannabis news, education, trends, new products, and more. She writes a blog to share her love for all things cannabis, talk about the community and organizations rallying to end its prohibition and educate others on all its various uses.