Cannabiz Advice: Tom Bourlet of CBD Sloth

Bluntness Team

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Unlike any other industry I have worked in, there is a huge sense of community. A lot of people are trying to enter the industry, but the ones creating a high-quality product and focusing on helping the user will succeed and will find others willing to help them and to share ideas and tactics together. The industry has been described by some as the Wild West, but I have found it a lot more peaceful and friendly in nature, but that could be the ignorance of a blogger separated from the selling aspect.

Tom Bourlet is a CBD oil advocate and blogger at the CBD Sloth. He is curious to explore this whole new world. But remaining impartial is integral to the site, in order to offer the best reviews and reports on what to expect. Tom has blended his work in multiple industries, such as travel, beauty and sports nutrition, however, when he came across CBD oil it instantly caught his attention.