Cannabusiness Advice: Ashley Lewis

Tameka Kee

"We heard from all these brands, colleagues, and peers in the cannabis space that we should be prepared for our site to be shut down at any minute, and that we weren't going to get banks to process our payments. So we spent months diving deep into why that was happening and how we could avoid it.

We got smart early on in those areas and started to understand that sites aren't arbitrarily being shut down. Often times, people don't understand the payment processing structure. We had to find a high-risk payment processor who deals specifically in cannabis with an underwriting bank that knows it is dealing in cannabis and is okay with that.

While I think it's important to move fast and know how to break things, there are a lot of areas that we just couldn't afford to cut corners and had to be very methodical and tactical. We still have to pay no higher transaction fees than someone selling shoes."

Ashley Lewis is a retail, e-commerce and consumer marketing executive, who has co-founded Fleur Marche, a digital CBD boutique focused on repositioning cannabis as a women's wellness tool.

This very sound business advice comes from a Green Entrepreneur interview.

Photo credit: Rodolfo Carlos/Fleur Marché