Cannabusiness Advice: Chanda Macias

Bluntness Team

The greatest lesson learned is that people explore medical cannabis as a last option, and not a primary one. Unfortunately, I typically see patients when they have explored all other medical treatments, and there is no other option available.

This is a tough lesson as well, let me explain. Once my patients have started treatment with medical cannabis, and experienced first-hand the medicinal benefits of the plant, they are dumbfounded by their improved quality of life.

Then I experience the patient remorse; the patients are sometimes angry/sad that they did not exercise the option to use medical cannabis earlier in their treatment. The fact we are able to provide some with comfort even if they have come to us very late in their stage it is also tough to witness.

We want to provide the support but it is up to the patient to be open to the option. I have lost the most beautiful spirits, but I know that medical cannabis gave them comfort and happiness in their final days. For the ones who have been able to extend their life span through this medicine, it has been wonderful to see them convert into advocates because they are living testimonies of the benefits.

Chanda Macias, MBA, Ph.D., is the Owner and General Manager of the National Holistic Healing Center Medical Marijuana Dispensary (NHHC) in Washington D.C. NHHC is a patient advocated company dedicated to providing individuals with debilitating medical conditions, and specific illnesses with alternative allopathic medicine. NHHC provides patient education and support, medical marijuana, and medical marijuana-infused products to qualifying patients or designated caregivers in compliance with the DC Department of Health. Dr. Macias earned her Ph.D. from Howard University in 2001 with a concentration in Cell Biology.

This very sound business story comes from an interview in Green Entrepreneur.

Photo via Women Grow