Cannabusiness Advice: David Barakett

Bluntness Team

"I guess what I would say is that you’ve got to work hard. It’s just like there is nothing given in this industry. It is all hard work. It’s unrelenting perseverance because you are going to get kicked, not once, probably two or three times. It is unrelenting. You will get knocked down. In cannabis, you get knocked down even in the best of situations, and that’s not to say that, that’s not like an ultra-negative thing, don’t get into the industry. It’s just that, again, I go back to this thing. We are breaking down barriers. We are changing minds. There are still a lot of foolish people that don’t want to believe their eyes when they see a product that cures people and they still rally against us.

That, to me, is really, that’s the biggest component to it. Now, honestly, that’s kind of the fun part too, though. You’ve got to understand that we’re educating people on a plant that’s truly amazing, and that’s rewarding, that’s rewarding for everybody that’s involved. The other bit of advice I would give people is if you’re getting in for monetary gain, and that’s your only motivation to enter, I’d tell you that don’t bother because if you’re not a true believer in what this plant can do, you have very little chance of succeeding right now.

It’s inevitable that at some point this industry will become such that it’s like every other industry, and like you said earlier, there will be that kind of mass-produced corporate weed that’s commoditized and fluctuates with the markets, and then there will be an opportunity if money is your only goal. But there’s more than enough to go around in this industry. If you’re really, if you’re touching people’s lives with cannabis and you’re affecting real social change in the community, to me, it’s inevitable that that leads to a great deal of success. That’s success, that’s happiness, and that’s in your business life and that’s in your personal life. Cannabis is great."

David Barakett is the CEO of ShowGrow, a culture-focused dispensary chain with California locations in Los Angeles, Santa Ana, and Ramona. ShowGrow also runs a dispensary in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This This very sound business advice comes from an an interview in Ganjapreneur.