CBD Brand Steve’s Goods Is Always a Customer Favorite

Bluntness Team

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Steven Schultheis started Steve’s Goods after personally experiencing the benefits of CBD. At first, he private-labeled another brand. That didn’t last long. Steve began meeting with farmers, extractors, bottlers, and industry experts. Then he reached out to his old friend, seasoned startup veteran and Internet cowboy James Rowland, and the rest they say is history!

Steve and James, with the help of an incredible staff, have exceeded Steve’s dreams by turning Steve’s Goods into a thriving reality. Steve’s Goods is proud to be an employee-owned company.

We asked about their success.

What is your mission with stevesgoods.com?

Humans have an endocannabinoid system. Hemp and marijuana, both in the cannabis family but very different plants, contain phytocannabinoids. Our mission is to educate people about the benefits of feeding their endocannabinoid system with phytocannabinoids. We stand to be at the forefront of removing the stigma surrounding CBD, teaching about its benefits, what to look out for in an unregulated market, and the best ways to use it.

It’s vital people pay attention to where they source their CBD. Inferior products produce less than results, and could potentially turn a person off to something that could really help if it were potent, properly extracted, and tested for impurities.

We like to say our CBD has conscience from seed-to-sale!

Where do you see yourself in the industry in 5 years?
Our goal is to be a household name associated with a wide range of high-quality hemp products, not just CBD & CBG, but CBN, and all other cannabinoids. Our growth trajectory has been aggressive; we'd like to be publicly-traded on major markets within the next five years. Achieving this will help our distribution grow to the mainstream level we're aiming for. We have a trophy case starting to fill with awards relating to product quality and educational influence in our industry. Our biggest goal is to continue providing quality products and educating people about the benefits of hemp at the largest scale possible.

What's the biggest challenge of working in the cannabis space and the biggest reward?
The biggest challenge is separating ourselves from the growing number of competitors. We spend a lot more on product testing and formulations than most companies out there - we know because we regularly run tests on everything on the market. Getting the message out about what sets us apart is a challenge, but we're working on that every day with our educational based marketing. Banking isn't a cakewalk either, probably everyone's initial response to this question.

The biggest joy for both staff and management is working in a startup, with equally dedicated people, where our efforts are rewarded every single day. Feeling the direct impact we're having on people's lives, consistently, is a game-changer for our company culture. We can't disclose medical benefits on our website or anywhere else without having the FDA fly in like a hawk. But, the truth is, we're delivering relief to thousands of people who need it. They tell us every day by leaving reviews, recommending us to friends, and sharing their (often super personal) stories via email and phone. I could send you hundreds of them.

The sad truth is many companies use false advertising with phony claims and falsified reviews on their websites. We'll bet you $10,000 not a single one of our reviews are fake. There’s never any doubt that what we're doing is good for humanity and making a difference. We can't overstate how important that is to everything we do here.