Colorado's 6 Top Cannabis Edible Brands

Bluntness Team

Colorado is one of the pioneer states in the legalization of marijuana. And because of that, there are many great established brands in the marketplace. Here are six of the top cannabis edible brands in the Colorado marketplace.

Cheeba Chews
Cheeba Chews are one of the most popular and well respected brands of edibles in the Colorado marketplace. They are one of the most readily available edibles on the market and can be found in many dispensaries across Colorado. Some of their most prominent products are their taffy and gummies. Both of which come in a variety of strains and flavors.

Mountain High Suckers
Another staple in the Colorado edible market, Mountain High Suckers are very popular. Their most popular product is their suckers. They come in any flavor you can think of, including grape, apple, blueberry, cherry, and more. They also offer CBD infused suckers which are well received. Mountain High Sucker's products can be found through out Colorado. Most dispensaries, including recreational and medicinal, carry this brand.

Keef Brands
This edible company is most popular for their Keef Cola. Which is a THC infused cola drink. These come in many different flavors and other types of sodas. They also come in different dosages. These are a popular choice, and can be found in many dispensaries around Colorado. While Keef Soda is one of their most popular products, this company also produces concentrates as well as flower.

Dixie Elixers
Dixie Elixirs is one of the largest edible companies in the Colorado marketplace. They offer a wide selection on many different kinds of edibles, ranging in dosage. Some examples of products they offer are gummies, chocolates, topical creams, and much more. Their most famous product would be their elixirs however. Which are THC infused flavored drinks. Dixie Elixir products can be found in the majority of Colorado dispensaries.

Julie's Edibles
Julie's Edibles offers an alternative to the popular edible format. While majority of edibles are thought to be brownies, candy, cookies, and other sweets, Julie's Edibles focuses on healthy edible alternatives. With a strong emphasis on all natural ingredients, these are some the healthiest edibles in the Colorado marketplace. Some of their products include, fresh granola, roasted seeds, and granola bars.

Sweet Grass Kitchen
Sweet Grass Kitchen is more like a THC infused bakery when compared to the average edible company. Sweet Grass Kitchen offers products such as pumpkin pie, fresh bakery quality cookies and more. Sweet Grass Kitchen offers some of the best tasting edibles in the Colorado marketplace. But with that said due to the nature of producing the edibles, quantities can be limited. They often times sell out quick and can be difficult to find sometimes.

Photo via Instagarm