Concerts & Festivals: The Main Stage for Cannabis Partnerships

Tameka Kee

No facet of the entertainment industry has been more active in taking advantage of the cannabis movement than musical acts. Here are some examples of how artists and cannabis brands are making music together.

Canada's The Tragically Hip has partnered with Up Cannabis, a licensed cannabis producer based in Ontario. The band, which lost its lead singer and Canadian icon Gord Downie to brain cancer last year, are investors in the company and reportedly have a product launching in the summer (Leafly)

No musical act and cannabis list can exclude Snoop Dogg. He's forever extol marijuana in his songs and is now a leading entrepreneur in the space. His Leafs By Snoop line of flower, THC, wax, shatter, and gummies was one of the first celebrity products in the game.

Not to be outdone, cannabis' first outspoken musical ambassador Willie Nelson has been an active entrepreneur. His brand, Willie's Reserve features cannabis in all of its forms.

Wiz Khalifa has Khalifa Kush. GhostFace Killah has WuGoo Cannabis. The Marley Family has Marley Natural. South African experimental hip-hop group Die Antwood has Zef Zol.

Vape manufacturers have turned to a number of hip-hop artists to place their products in videos. And Canadian producer Tweed previously held a number of music festivals on its properties.

As more states look towards legalization and the public mood continues to support cannabis consumption, these partnerships will only increase and grow.