Consumers Can't Stop Buying Cannabis-Infused Mints

Bluntness Team

Trying to strike it rich in cannabis? Make a weedy mint...they are selling hot and fast. Here are a few of our favorite brands with the most popular pot-mint breath:

This brand provides several different flavors to choose from, one specific brand they have is the Vanilla Mint that is very popular, providing a blend of organic vanilla, and peppermint along with energizing herbs. There are 50 mints total, and each mint contains 50 mg THC and have a safe child-resistant bottle. Each bottle has gone through state regulations and have been approved for selling. For fast results on this product, allow each mint to dissolve under your tongue. These are great for those who are suffering from chronic pain illnesses, as these mints will help relieve any symptoms that the customer has.

Apothecary Sweet & Sour Gummies
For those who crave something that is sweet and sour, this is a great choice to consider. This gummy has a limited amount of orders available due to the high demand of customer's wanting this specific product. Anyone who is in need of relief and carries pain symptoms should definitely consider this product. Each gummy provides a fruity taste, providing comfort when eating each one of these. These candies are sure to provide a euphoric feeling and relieve any stress related symptoms. Each candy contains 10-12 mg THC and .103 CBD.

Altus Spearmint Mints
For those looking for high quality spearmints, this is a great choice. This brand provides a spearmint flavor that leaves your breathe feeling cool along with cleansing the breathe. This is made for those who have headaches, stress, pain and inflammation. Each mint contains 102mg THC, and there are 20 pieces in each bottle. This is a great consideration overall and will definitely help alleviate any type of pain that one carries.

Breez Mints
Another great product is Breez Mints from 420 strains. Each mint contains 5 mg of THC allowing you to control your intake with each mg dose. For anyone that are beginners when it comes to using cannabis, this is a great choice because of the low doses that are available. When taking this product just start off slow taking one tablet at a time until you get to the recommended dose you feel comfortable with. Breez Mints are an excellent choice for those suffering from pain relief, anxiety, stress, and nausea. These mints last up to 8 hours, and carry no calories.

Petra Moroccan Mint
Another product for those who are not used to these type of products can start their doses small this Petra Moroccan Mints. Each mint contains 2.5 mg THC, and they provide a minty taste inside of your mouth. Each mint brings a cooling effect, and makes your breathe smell fresh in the process. These products are excellent for those suffering from stress-related issues, nausea, pain, and depression.

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