Follow These 5 (Great) Weed Dispensaries in Colorado on Instagram

Bluntness Team

For the cannabis industry, social media can be a tricky thing to navigate. With the strict rules and daily cannabis account closures on Facebook and Twitter, many dispensaries are turning to Instagram for self-promotion. Not only are pictures worth a thousand words, but Instagram is most popular among the industry’s primary target audiences—Gen Z and Millennials. For Colorado residents, we’ve compiled a list of the top five dispensary Instagram accounts you should start following today.

Known as “Colorado’s Premier Dispensary,” Lightshade is known for their variety of high-end cannabis product. Their Instagram account boasts dozens of professional snaps showcasing their unique products such as gummies, infused drinks, concentrates, and of course herb. Their 6,500+ followers enjoy daily depictions of Lightshade branding over perfectly picturesque Colorado backdrops, as well as other Instagram-worthy cannabis culture shots.

Ballpark Holistic Dispensary
Located near Coors Field, Ballpark has been a staple dispensary in Denver since 2009. Recognized frequently by Leafly, High Times, and the National Cannabis Business Awards, they aren’t your average downtown dispensary. They frequently showcase their award-winning products on their Instagram account, with enough variety for everyone to enjoy. Their enticing photos of herb and 100 different concentrates will have you wanting to visit the next time you’re in the Mile High.

Elevations Medical Dispensary
South of Denver in Colorado Springs, Elevations serves its Instagram followers daily pictures of fresh herb and fresh memes. Their flawless and artistic photographs of bud are almost palpable if you look at them long enough! Medical patients in Colorado Springs will definitely want to follow Elevations on Instagram for the most up-to-date info on herb available and potential weather closures. It gets snowy in the winter, you know?

Medicine Man
With a healthy following of over 4,000, there’s a reason why so many flock to the Medicine Man Instagram account. This Denver-based business is family owned and operated, so many of their Instagram updates showcase not only their products but the relationships and people of the company as well. This Instagram account excels at solidifying the solid culture and camaraderie experienced at Medicine Man. If you’re looking for fun cannabis pictures, they’ve got that too!

The Green Solution
Since 2013, The Green Solution has won over 70 awards for their products and services. Their Instagram account not only showcases their variety of goods, but also keeps their followers educated with links to their latest blogs and podcasts. With locations all over the Denver-Metro area, as well as in Fort Collins, Pueblo, and Trinidad, residents all over Colorado will want to keep up with this growing brand on Instagram.

Photo via Instagram