Hemptown USA Releases Ground-Breaking CBG White Paper

Bluntness Team

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Hemptown USA, a multi-state hemp operation based in Central Point, OR today announced the release of its groundbreaking white paper on cannabinoid CBG, “Understanding CBG: The Mother of All Cannabinoids.”

The white paper, which includes 60 peer-review research studies, is one of the first papers of its kind, focused on the “hemp-adjacent ancillary market,” including packaged goods, cosmetics and more. Included in the paper are infographics to assist those new to the CBG space.

Hemptown USA CMO Keith Stride said: “this comprehensive guide to CBG is a must-download for business professionals working in hemp-adjacent industries...Anyone involved in the business of creating consumer-facing products that could contain cannabinoids like CBG should take advantage of this complimentary resource,” he added.

Michael Schaeffer, president of The Kirkman Group, an Oregon-based, FDA-licensed and cGMP-certified nutraceutical business recently acquired by the Company said the white paper should be a go-to for anyone no matter where their work falls in the industry.

“As the market for hemp and hemp-infused products continues to grow, business professionals in ancillary markets must educate themselves about CBG and other cannabinoids,” he said.

For more information, and to sign up for the white paper, visit Hemptown USA’s website.