How to Get a Job in Cannabis in Colorado

Bluntness Team

So you want a job in weed? Well, get in line. If you're looking to break into the cannabis industry in Colorado you'll need to obtain the proper license to do any pot-related work. (Hey, it's really not that complicated!)

Here's everything you need to know to get up and running in the Colorado weed boom:

What is a MED Badge and do I really need one?

The short answer: Yes, in Colorado you do.

A MED badge is also known as an occupational license. This badge is a license that medical and retail cannabis facility need to operate and so do their employees. There are currently two different types of MED occupational licenses available and they are called a key employee license and a support employee license. Once you obtain one of these licenses they do not need to be renewed until 2 years later.  A key employee is an employee that is in a management role and makes key decisions for the business. An example of a management position for a medical or recreational marijuana facility is a grower. A grower is the individual who determines how much and what particular strains of weed to produce. The application fee for a key employee to obtain an occupational license in the state of Colorado is 250 dollars.

The support employee is someone who is labeled as a budtender and this position is not a managerial role. The application fee to obtain a support occupational license is $75. If an individual who is in a support employee position gets a promotion to a key employee position the individual with the support occupational license has to upgrade to a key employee occupational license.

Do I need to upgrade my support employee licensure to a key employee licensure?

The short answer: Probably.

The first step to upgrading from a support employee to a key employee license is to complete a new occupational license application. After this the individual must set a physical appointment and submit the application to one of the four CO medical occupational licensing locations. The next step is to be on time, bring your application that is fully completed, and have a valid CO identification card. You also need to have the exact payment in the form of a money order, credit card, or check. The next step is the state will run your background check and if your background is clean your badge will be mailed to your home address within three to four business days.

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