Joe Montana Ups His Cannabis Game

Aubry Bracco

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Beloved NFL Quarterback Joe Montana has deepened his ties to the cannabis community, this according to multiple industry reports.

The former San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs quarterback, 63, has put his efforts into investing in cannabis start-ups. As reported by Sportsnaut, Montana recently put his efforts into the National Institute for Cannabis Investors, “a clearinghouse for anyone seeking advice on marijuana investments.”

In the course of his playing career, the athlete sustained various injuries and now uses cannabis balm to treat those aches and pains, The Athletic reported Thursday.

In early 2019, several outlets, including Bleacher Report, announced Montana had decided to start investing in legal cannabis with medical marijuana company Caliva.

At the time, Montana said: "[he believes cannabis] 'can provide relief to many people and can make a serious impact on opioid use or addiction,'” according to Bleacher Report. 

Montana’s new investments come in the midst of a bargaining agreement from the NFL and players on proposed new relaxed policies on cannabis consumption. A decision on that policy for the upcoming season must be reached by March 18.