Meet the Wellness Wonder Women of Kannai

Bluntness Team

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Kannai is a company created by women who are seeking something different within the cannabis industry. We wanted to create a quality product that promotes relaxation and assists with anxiety and pain relief that could benefit people with different lifestyles. We found that our soy-based candles infused with Hemp or CBD and paired with essential oils can aid in the relief of ailments without any psychoactive effects.

We caught up with the women of Kannai to hear more about what they’re doing and how they’re doing it.

How did you get involved in cannabis?
We've all been using cannabis for a while now - whether it's for migraines, creativity and sleep but Alyssa & Isabel have been in the industry for a while because they design packaging for cannabis companies thru their creative agency Brewing Creativity. We all also wanted to create a product that we would use and believed in, so Kannai was born!

What is your mission with Kannai?
We wanted to create multi-use products that anyone with different lifestyles can use whether they're familiar with CBD or not while also educating them on the benefits our candles feature. We're also women-owned and wanted to focus mainly on products that women could use and learn about.

Where do you see yourself in the industry in 5 years?
We see ourselves in the shining lights of Broadway! LOL jk! We see ourselves making more products that could be used daily or as needed to help ease any pains, as well as multi-used products such as our candles! We're also in hopes that someday we can start our own charity foundation - we're LGTBQ so we recently donated to a couple of LGTBQ charities so would definitely love to start one in the future.

What's the biggest challenge of working in the cannabis space and the biggest reward?
Sometimes coming up with a new strategy that will work on the 1st or 5th try’s can be a downer if it looks like it’s not working. For me (Ivy) the biggest reward is when people have told us “we love your candle! It helps a lot!” Knowing we are helping someone’s day a little easier to power through or have helped someone relax after a rough week! It’s an affirmation that we put something worthwhile!