Nonprofit Business Advice from The Cannabis Cultural Association

Bluntness Team

The Cannabis Cultural Association is 501(c)3 nonprofit based in NY which helps marginalized and underrepresented communities engage in the legal cannabis industry, emphasizing criminal justice reform, access to medical cannabis, and adult use legalization.

We caught up with CCA to learn more about how they built their nonprofit. Here are their inspirational tips:

1. Re-education starts at home. You have teach yourself how to unlearn the propaganda of War On Drugs and start changing the minds.

2. Your skills are transferable. Take what you know and transmute your skillset into something cannabis adjacent (law, media, agriculture, tech).

3. Be patient with yourself and your finances when it comes to attending to events and conferences. Don't go broke trying to go EVERY event. (look to volunteer or join organization).

4. Stay informed on state and federal regulatory changes in marijuana policy ranging from legalization to CBD laws in your state. (compliance is key)

5. Do your due diligence when it comes to industry information and knowledge about the products you are purchasing (consumer awareness).

6. Ensure EQUITY is a day one priority so that accessibility to the legal industry can be a tangible reality for potential entrepreneurs.

7. Stay active: Talk to your local community board/assembly person/congressperson about their stance in cannabis, Lobby with local organizations that work on issues that converge into legal cannabis (VOCAL-NY. Drug Policy Alliance, Harlem Business Alliance), organize your own informational events (with help from organizations like CCA, Minority Cannabis Business Association, Massachusetts Recreational Consumer Council, Cannaclusive, Supernova Women, Minorities for Medical Marijuana) and begin a conversation on how to engage with your community when it comes to legal cannabis.

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