Oregon's 5 Bestselling Weed Edibles

Bluntness Team

There is no question that the way to consume cannabis has changed over the last few years. With many states passing laws to legalize cannabis, its popularity has grown. People have embraced the medical nature of the plant and the recreational side. In the past smoking cannabis was the most common way of using the substance but with cannabis become legal people have found that edibles are the way to go. Here are five of the best brands of edibles in Oregon that have proven track records and offer the best products.

Laurie + Maryjane
Laurie Wolf founded the Maryjane brand for the Oregon medical community. Laurie and her daughter worked to develop recipes that appeal to a variety of people. Laura + Maryjane have many cookbooks and have won several awards with their recipes, including the Dope Cup and best brownie recipe of all time. Their brand offers everything from soup to nuts to sweets and everything in between.

One of Oregon's top cannabis brands is WYLD. WYLD provides a variety of gummies and chocolates filled with natural essences of real fruit and ingredients. This company works diligently to break boundaries in their everyday life and their edibles. They dedicate their lives to their love of wellness, environment, and responsibility.

Gron is dedicated to making high-quality treats and educating those who are interested in their product. This chocolate best when it can melt naturally in the mouth. This gives the user a better overall enjoyment factor. They use flavorless cannabis oil to make their products more pleasing to the taste buds. Gron is also a clean, green company. Their products have been refined using sustainable, natural and organic techniques.

Diamond Cannabis
Sold and grown in-house Diamond Cannabis treats are hard to beat. The owners started in the tourism business, causing them to be knowledgeable in great customer service. Diamond Cannabis starts their products from seeds and grows them into tasty treats that anyone of age can enjoy. This company is a generous philanthropist in their community. They work year-round to give to the kids and causes around them.

Oregon's Finest
Oregon's Finest was the first licensed cannabis facility in Oregon. With the cannabis industry booming Oregon's Finest has set the standard for what edibles should be. They offer a wide variety of drinks, snacks, and spreads to help the consumer get the most for their money. They also like to support our troops by giving discounts to veterans.

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