Oregon's Finest Weed Farms Crushing the Competition

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When it comes to Oregon, there are several weed farms that provide high quality marijuana for those that use. Here are four different companies that provide the best weed products.

Chalice Farms
Chalice Farms is located in Portland area and they have a great reputation when it comes to growing cannabis. They are highly educated in this field and take growing marijuana very seriously. This companies main focus is on providing the best quality marijuana for those who are in constant pain and they want to enhance other peoples lives and provide a purpose for everyone. This company provides an array of different flowers, oils, edibles, extractions, and full body oils for anyone who is interested in their product. Chalice Farms carries over 100 years of experience in this field, and is a great consideration for those that are interested.

Alter Farms
Alter Farms is another great place to consider and they are located at several different locations scattered around this state. Their main focus is on creating the best high quality strains that are available, and they are very popular in Oregon. Due to their dedication and their love towards providing the best quality out there, they have been rewarded two years in a row First place towards Cultivation Classic. Everything they use is organic based, and all of their sungrown marijuana is located at better recreational shops all over this area as we speak.

Green Bodhi Gardens
Green Bodhi Gardens is located in the Eugene area and came about back in 2008, and they carry nothing but high quality organic marijuana. Their main focus is on building cannabis in a technique known as Horticulture, and with this technique along with nothing but organic nutrients fed to their marijuana, this provides a beautiful set of marijuana plants, that is considered to be extremely high quality and long lasting for patients that are in need. This company takes marijuana very seriously and 10% of the funds they receive go straight to charitable projects and individuals worldwide.

SoFresh Farms
SoFresh farms is another quite popular company and they originally came about back in 2010, and are located in the Canby area. This company works with people, and are always trying to provide jobs for those that are in need of one, and they are always trying to grow their cultivation by providing specific types of techniques that bloom out the best buds that are out there. Their main focus is on people will health issues, and their main focus is on providing the best buds to help each individual strive and feel better with marijuana in their life. They build and grow their marijuana indoors, and they use a closed-loop system with raised beds that grow the best buds that one can enjoy. The closed-loop system provides supplemental CO2, HVAC, and fresh air that ventilates throughout the area for the plants. They also carry several greenhouses that help grow the marijuana as well.

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