Requirements to Become a Bud Trimmer in Colorado

Bluntness Team

So you want to work in Colorado’s hot bed of weed culture? They can’t get enough bud trimmers. But what exactly are the requirements, steps, and necessities needed to become a bud trimmer in Colorado? Well, start here:

Firstly one must be familiar with the licensing used to qualify a Colorado resident as a bud trimmer and a Marijuana Enforcement Division occupational license (MED License) is the main one. It can also be referred to as a badge, and these badges essentially act as the main requirement to be an active vendor in the Colorado bud trimming business.

To obtain your MED license and start applying for work there are a few standards you must meet to even be eligible to hold a license in your name. These standards are put in place to better gauge the applicant and ensure there is no conflicts of interest and/or unqualified persons given licensure in the state of Colorado. The first requirement listed is that you must be a Colorado Resident to apply. Anyone living outside Colorado is not eligible for a license in the state. You have to be at least 21 years of age with no prior criminal record or background. On the opposite end of the spectrum you must also not be employed as an officer of law enforcement in any capacity. The state also requires that you not be related to an employee of someone under MED or be a physician that can authorize cannabis prescriptions or related products.

Aside from those stated requirements and disqualifying measures, the application is straightforward. To apply for an MED License, one must go to a designated application office in Colorado with appropriate documentation such as ID and fully completed application. There I'll also be a standard processing fee.

Once all documentation is squared away, the applicant, much like any other license requirement, will be subject to a strict background check and have their fingerprints taken along with a photograph.

After everything has been filed, you pass the background check and your application is accepted with the appropriate Colorado State offices, your MED license will be mailed to your address on file.

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