The 5 Best Pre-Rolled Joints on the Market

Bluntness Team

Whether it is referred to as a joint, a doobie, or a Bob Marley, marijuana aficionados can recite a list of benefits of the popular plant. Cannabis has been used for centuries as a medicinal remedy as well as a simple means to an end for relaxation. However, with the recent legalization in many of the United States, it is good to know where to find some of the best pre-rolled joints on the market.

Here are our top five picks:

Lowell Farms
Touted as California's best selling pre-roll, Lowell Farms prides itself with a pledge to grow flowers with completely organic fertilizer, non-synthetic pesticides, natural materials, and pay the farmers a proper living wage. This not only ensures the best quality in product but it also continues the tradition started by William "Bull" Lowell in 1909. At 22% THC, Hell's Fire Indica pre-rolled single is neatly packaged and very affordable at only $10.00.

Green Door West
Exactly what one would envision on the West Coast, Green Door West keeps the line strong by also carrying out a mission of strictly organic, vegan, and pesticide-free products. Their menu provides clients with a variety of blends in both queen and king size rolls. The king size top-shelf pre-roll offers a generous 1.2 gram cone roll made with fresh, ground up buds.

Treehawk Farms
California isn't the only place to find a great pre-rolled product. Treehawk Farms, located at the base of the Olympic Mountains in Washington State and run by a family with generations of agricultural experience, this farm produces some gems with fun names like Candyland Cookies with its sweet, earthy, pungent aroma and Magnum PI with its tropical, citrus flavors. Treehawk Farms attributes their success to the combined efforts of organic nutrients, a sustainable growing medium, and a long cure time to produce such high quality products.

The Spot 420
A little further east you'll find The Spot 420 in Trinidad and Pueblo, Colorado. With a nearly perfect rating out of hundreds of reviews, The Spot 420 was awarded the Best of Pueblo Gold Medal Winner and Best of Colorado Springs. The site has rave reviews for the different strains, flavors, and service. The Americanna Slugger Caviar pre-rolled joint is said to be dipped in hash oil and rolled in keef and described as "not your ordinary joint pre-roll."

With a wide variety of locations and pre-rolls, RiSE is a must see if you live on the East Coast. At least one pre-roll, Grease Monkey, in the Bethesda, Maryland dispensary claims to have a 32% THC level and described as "mood-improving" and "not for beginners." If you need something potent enough to do the trick, this is your joint.

With great selections like these, there is something for everyone from coast-to-coast.

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