The 9 Most Influential Black Cannabis Entrepreneurs Right Now

Bluntness Team

The cannabis industry has often been difficult to break into for marginalized groups and people of color, especially considering the history of racism and schedule-1 narcotic incarceration.

Still, the African American community is taking legal marijuana industry by storm. Take note of 9 of the most influential marijuana entrepreneurs today.

1. Whoopi Goldberg

When Whoopi Goldberg decided that she wanted to get involved in the medical marijuana industry, she sought out Maya Elisabeth, the founder of Om Edibles (est. 2008) and winner of seven High Times Awards, as the best infuser she could find to help her start a business. Their company Whoopi and Maya make a line of CBD products that provide relief from menstrual pain and bask in the self-care revolution. The CBD-infused soaks, rubs, and oils are available for purchase in both California and Colorado.

2. Hope Wiseman

The youngest dispensary owner in the United States, opened her dispensary, Mary & Main, in Prince George’s County, Maryland. Wiseman made an appearance at a most recent Summit in Miami Florida, which is part of “Black Tech Week,” a six-day long festival aimed at supporting black tech professionals and business people. Hope discussed the topic of women in weed and ancillary plant handling.

3. Corey Barnette

As the owner and president of District Growers in Washington D.C., Corey Barnette has organized a well-established business employing people from the African American community to promote the industry, whether it be to purchase, partner or educate the public.

4. Hollingsworth Cannabis Company

This cannabis goods company is a long-standing business built from three generations of the same family. Raft Hollingsworth III (aka RT3) works alongside his father, two sisters, Raft Jr. and their 96-year-old grandmother Dorothy. The family started their grow operation after RT3 moved from the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle to rural Shelton, Washington, a mostly poor white-dominated area. More than five years later, the company has become a huge success story and an example for dispensaries around the nation.

5. Al Harrington and Daniel Pettigrew

Viola Extracts is a unique company that supplies dispensaries with quality cannabis products. Established by NBA star Al Harrington and Daniel Pettigrew, it grew from a desire to use medical marijuana traits to help ease the pain that Harrington’s grandmother, Viola, was suffering from glaucoma and diabetes and expanded exponentially. Their specialty is Butane Hash Oil (BHO), along with shatter and wax.

6. Snoop Dogg

Along with a line of his own strains called Leafs by Snoop—not to mention some chocolates and candies too—Snoop launched the company Merry Jane which aims to be a resource for news, food and fashion.

7. Isaac Griffin

Griffin hosts a daily radio show covering the industry called, “Living the High Life,” where he talks all things weed. Based in Phoenix, AZ, Isaac advocates for the benefits of the magical plant when it comes to injuries, illness and overall well-being. Additionally, Isaac discusses the possible role the natural green dream might have in sports medicine and avoiding opioid addiction.

8. Amber Senter

Senter is the co-founder of Supernova Women and COO of Magnolia Wellness in Oakland, California. After being diagnosed with Lupus, she has given talks at conferences and workshops including Tech ConneXt, discussing the benefits that cannabis has to offer.

9. Wiz Khalifa

In partnership with Colorado-based Company called RiverRock, Wiz Khalifa is releasing line of flower strains and products starting April 20th, 2019, marking his first foray into the regulated marijuana industry. The partnership with RiverRock coincides perfectly with the relationship Khalifa already developed with RAW Rolling Papers and will continue to develop smoking accessories.

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