The Best Cannabis PR and Marketing Firms

Bluntness Team

Does your weed brand need help? Check out our favorite cannabis marketing and PR firms who have helped many weed brands up their game. Did we miss any? Let us know in the comment section below.

KCSA can help elevate your brand. Their team of experts help you define and articulate your company’s unique value. Their team of accomplished public and media relations professionals work closely with your C-suite leaders to develop strategic plans and the critical messages that inform, influence and inspire your target audiences.

With foundational expertise in public relations, content marketing, brand storytelling and publishing, Grasslands is uniquely positioned to create the world-class content and media-savvy public relations services that will help your business grow.

Their full-service agency is committed to elevating the sophistication and quality of our clients’ media footprints and communications strategies. And their team works closely with our clients to develop persuasive narratives and results-driven media campaigns to elevate brand positioning and leadership visibility.

Wise Public Relations
Founded in NYC in 2007 with offices in San Francisco and Los Angeles, Wise Public Relations, Inc. (Wise PR) has built on its success as a leading media & technology firm to become one of the most sought after firms in the cannabis industry. The firm has grown its cannabis practice considerably over the last several years thanks in part to a rich new business haul that included numerous high-profile cannabis and cannabis adjacent organizations such as Med Men, Hypur, Cloudponics, SHO Products, People's OC and Hemptown USA to name just a few.

Cannabrand is the world's first full-service marketing agency dedicated to the cannabis space. We partner with companies who share our vision of destigmatizing cannabis and breaking ground in this dynamic industry. Cannabrand is also a consultancy which offers support in Operations, Supply Chain Management, and Investor Relations. Their team is comprised of professionals from traditional industries and the cannabis space therefore having an agile approach to projects.

Denver-based COHN develops brands and helps them interact with their internal and external audiences to maximize business success. Their mission: Every interaction with the brand matters. Internal within your organization or towards your targeted customer segments. The brand we design. The ad you ran on Spotify. The subject line atop your promotional email. The load time on your website. How you react in a crisis. The posting schedule on your social platforms. The handwritten note you send after a big sales pitch. The way your team supports your brand message. Every interaction matters, because you never know for sure which could be the event that changes everything.

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