The Best Online Cannabis Business Courses

Bluntness Team

With the legalization of Cannabis in many places, both medical and recreational, more people are looking into transitioning into the weed industry. For those with full time jobs or other obligations, here are some resources online to get a cannabis certification.

One online certification can be completed through HempStaff. HempStaff is a company that deals with both recruitment and dispensary agent training in 33 states and also in Washington, DC. They offer cannabis resume assistance as well. To qualify for the training course, you must be 18 years old(some states 21) and have a clean record or a conviction older than ten years, depending on your specific state laws. They also assist with job recruitment, which is free until hired, and then you pay a finders fee. Their listings are not public, therefore register here to be a potential candidate and if qualified, Hemp Staff will contact you directly. If you plan on seeking employment in another state, it’s best to relocate, apply, and if you already have the ID, switch your ID to the current state. Experience gives a better chance of being accepted than an entry level state employee transfer.

THC University
Another online company is THC University. They offer courses in terpenes and its connections to cannabis oil, budtending, horticulture and many more. The program takes between three to six months and all of the online instructors are professionals in the industry. To qualify, all you need is fifty dollars per month (rates vary depending on if you pay month-to month, quarterly, or bi-yearly), and a desktop, laptop, or tablet. Certificates are only available once the course has been completed with the option of a framed certificate.

Cannabis Training University
Our next online course is through Cannabis Training University. CTU is an online course in the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) with a catalog of courses you can take over a 12-month period from the original enrollment date. All you need is to be of legal age and pay the enrollment fee and you are good to go. The course is compatible on any device and you can take the exams as many times as needed to pass within your 12-month window.

Green CulterED
Our final online course is Green CulterED, which provides services for anyone of legal age and also offers programs for businesses, called CulturED Headquarters. You can get free courses or pay per course through the catalog. Also an NCIA accredited member, you can move at your own pace and can take the quizzes an unlimited amount of times. They also offer Closed Captioning and Screen Readers for visually impaired students.

Cannabis is becoming a major industry for medicine and recreational purposes. These accredited online course allow you to get your green foot in the door. Whether your interest is in budding, horticulture, creating oil, or simply want to participate in the retail side of this blossoming industry, you will become an expert in as little as a year. Visit the given websites and start your certifications today.

Photo via THC University